As practitioners we are facing a new set of challenges. We want to ensure physical and emotional safety for our clients, ourselves, and the broader community. How do we decide what is best for our practices? How do we weigh in-person versus Telehealth? Linked below are resources to help guide you.


Four Trends that Will Shape the Shape the Future of EMDR
  • The growing crisis in mental health across large parts of the world
  • The growth of the digital economy and innovation that will particularly affect the fields of health and education
  • The steady demise of the DSM diagnostic system
  • The development of AI (artificial intelligence)

These trends reinforce each other to offer huge challenges to providers of mental health therapy including EMDR, but also opportunities if they can be grasped. When our environment changes we need to adapt to survive and thrive. This paper offers some suggestions as to how we can meet the challenges ahead and hopefully generate a proper debate about the future.