EMDRIA Names Carol Miles the 2023 Outstanding Contribution to EMDRIA Award Winner 

The EMDR International Association (EMDRIA) has named Carol Miles, MSW, LCSW, the 2023 Outstanding Contribution to EMDRIA Award Winner. Miles served on the EMDRIA Board of Directors for five years and as its president for two years. She guided the organization through the COVID-19 global pandemic and helped the organization develop its anti-racist efforts during her term as president. 

This award is a testament to her exemplary leadership, outstanding service contributions, and the significant positive impact she has made on EMDRIA. Miles is a clinical social worker specializing in trauma and works in an EMDR intensive format. She is a certified EMDR therapist, an EMDRIA-approved consultant, and an EMDRIA-approved basic trainer. Miles is so dedicated to the organization that when a former board member resigned, she agreed to step in and fill out that term after her board service ended. 

“Carol’s dedication and commitment to the betterment of EMDRIA have not gone unnoticed. Her unwavering support and encouragement have inspired others to strive for excellence, and her commitment to long-term benefits for EMDRIA as a whole is truly commendable. This award recognizes individuals who go above and beyond in promoting and modeling strong collaboration at all levels of EMDRIA. Her efforts have not only contributed to the growth and success of our organization but have also played a vital role in shaping its future. Carol’s outstanding contributions have made a fundamental positive impact, leaving an indelible mark on EMDRIA and its members,” said EMDRIA Board President Marisol Erlacher, LPC.  

 With more than 30 years of experience as a clinician and a graduate of the Louisiana State University School of Social Work specializing in clinical social work, she maintains a private while using her extensive experience to teach and train other practitioners with her Three Rivers Training Center. She helped to create the South Louisiana Regional EMDR Network to develop a sense of community among EMDR therapists in her community in 2017 and continues to support the current steering committee. Her career has been dedicated to working with others and helping other colleagues succeed.  

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