Upcoming EMDR Basic Trainings

Trainings are offered in virtual, in-person, hybrid, and on-demand formats.


Envision Academy Sponsored 2023 Cohort

Trainer: Carol Miles

Dates: Part 1 – March 1-3, 2023; Part 2 – April 19-21, 2023

Training Description: Unlock your clients’ healing process. We offer a comprehensive, innovative, and unique in-depth learning experience, 100% online! Benefit from the knowledge of our team of world renowned experts in the field and be a part of our supportive learning community. Our EMDR Training is not only approved by the EMDR International Association (EMDRIA), but exceeds its requirements. (Training approved for Canada and U.S.A)

Training Includes:

  • Six days of training
  • 20 hrs of small group supervised practice by EMDRIA approved consultants
  • 10 hours of group consultations with an EMDRIA approved consultants
  • 30+ hrs of additional on-demand learning.
  • For additional information, click here.


Trainer: Carol Miles, MSW, LCSW

Dates: Part 1 – June 28-30, 2023; Part 2 – July 26-28, 2023

Training Description:

We will be teaching EMDR Therapy in the standard model.  This training is tailored for licensed or license eligible mental health providers who  treat adults, children and teens in a clinical setting. It will include some developmentally appropriate adaptations. Since EMDR Therapy is a client centered therapy and it can be used successfully with all ages. For additional information, click here.

A Return to the Walk in the Park:  Now On-Demand!

Instructors: Carol Miles, MSW, LCSW and Karen Alter-Reid, Ph.D.

Target audience: Those who have completed the full EMDR Basic Training course and who wish to practice, review, and build confidence.

Workshop Description: If you are looking for a full review of the foundations of EMDR Therapy, you are in the right place. This course will help guide those who may have drifted away from their EMDR practice or did not get the Basic Training experience they had hoped for. Whether you are wanting to build confidence or refresh your skills, this training is for you! To learn more, click here.


Two-Day Advanced EMDR Workshop

Basic Training in EMDRIA approved EMDR Therapy Basic training required. 

Instructors: Ad de Jongh and Suzy Matthijsen

Dates: October 19, 2023; October 20, 2023

Location and Format: New Orleans and live streaming formats. No onsite registration available.

Day One: Efficient Methods for EMDR Therapy: Case Conceptualization and Strategic Target Selection

Workshop Description: A key component of case conceptualization is determining priorities for which target memories to reprocess. There are a variety of proven targeting strategies that create efficient “routes” for adaptive memory reprocessing and bring optimal relief of clinical symptoms. This training will guide EMDR clinicians to determine which target selection is most fitting for each client at any moment in time. Participants will be taught how to carry out case conceptualization and develop different targeting plans. By practicing with the material in groups participants will acquire the competences and master the material to become more effective in applying EMDR therapy.

Day Two: Powerful EMDR Techniques with EMDR therapy

Workshop Description: In this workshop Ad de Jongh and Suzy Matthijssen explain how one can use special EMDR techniques which can be applied to treat patients with a variety of mental health conditions, including Complex PTSD. By means of extensive – and step-by-step – demonstrations they will illustrate the application of these EMDR 2.0-techniques – as well as various titration techniques to help patients to continue processing – both for its use in face-to-face therapy, and online EMDR therapy. Participants may register for one or both days. For more information, click here.

*Virtual Basic EMDR Trainings are approved by the EMDR International Association with an innovative format. The training is designed to lead participants in a sequential learning experience emphasizing conceptual clarity, procedural details, and skill development through a combination of lectures, discussions drawn from actual EMDR therapy sessions, and supervised practice sessions to develop skills throughout the training. Participants will learn via lecture, video, demonstrations, Q & A sessions, role play demonstrations, small group exercises, and supervised practicums. Each participant will experience EMDR as both clinician and client through two training modules. The format of these workshops has been designed by Carol Miles MSW, LCSW LLC, and approved by EMDRIA.